Beyonders: A World Without Heroes

by Brandon Mull

This is a good a book as any to start the blog off with. Like this book, my blog is similar to scores of other blogs out there. It’s predictable, and you’ve probably read similar reviews elsewhere. But hopefully, as I found with the first installment of Beyonders, there will be that something extra that catches your fancy and makes it worth your time to read.

On to the book! Jason is just a regular kid (yawn). Then he falls into a hippo’s mouth, which takes him to another world, called Lyrian. There he accidentally starts on a quest with Rachel, a girl from our world who also recently stumbled into Lyrian. They want to go home, but are persuaded that the best way to get home is to first destroy the evil emperor, Maldor. They go about Lyrian trying to gather all the syllables of Maldor’s secret name, which will destroy him when spoken in his presence.

I picked this book up because it was shiny. I started reading it and was instantly bored by the main characters: a “regular” guy whose one non-average talent will surely come in handy later, and an annoying know-it-all girl whose demands to be treated equally are kind of silly because, danger! I came to like them a little bit more as I read on, but it was really the world that kept me reading. Such interesting side characters and weird creatures! There’s constant adventure, with captivating (if sometimes predictable) twists throughout. Even though the characters and the set-up are total cliches, I actually really enjoyed this book and would read the next one.

Definitely a good one to recommend to kids who like adventure stories like Percy Jackson.

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