Boyfriends with Girlfriends

by Alex Sanchez

This was the first book I’ve read by Alex Sanchez, and it wasn’t all that bad. Lance and Allie are friends. Sergio and Kimiko are friends. Lance is gay and has never dated a guy. Allie is straight and has a boyfriend. Sergio is bisexual and is curious about trying a relationship with a boy instead of just hooking up. Kimiko is a lesbian who has never dated a girl because she doesn’t want to be a bad daughter. When Lance and Sergio decide to meet irl, they bring along their best girl buds, who hit it off just as well as they do. But can Lance get over Sergio’s bisexuality? Can Sergio allow himself to be in a relationship after his last one failed so miserably? Can Allie figure out her new feelings for Kimiko? Can Kimiko get over her bad self esteem long enough to see that Allie is really into her?

The entire book could be one sentence long: “These two sets of friends like each other but aren’t sure if the other person likes them enough, but then they do and it’s ok.” There’s a whole bunch of forced diversity, with “cultural insights” that seem ill informed (Allie loves Japanese things, and Kimiko is soooo grateful to meet someone who is excited about meeting a Japanese person in America). As I assume is the case with all of Alex Sanchez’s books, there’s a lot of idealistic plot points. Ultimately everyone gains acceptance and lives in a gay wonderland. A short book, and one of the only ones I’ve read where male bisexuality is considered to be a valid sexual identity, so it gets some props. Plus, the people on the cover actually look like the characters in the book!

A good enough read for guys or gals wanting to read queer teen relationship books.

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