by Chris Wooding

Malice is just a rumour, like Bloody Mary. Burn a few items, chant “Tall Jake, take me away” six times, and get taken away to a world seen only on the pages of the mythical Malice comic. It’s said that the kids in the comic look like kids who have gone missing, which must just be the author’s sick joke… right? When Luke gets his hands on an issue of Malice, he can’t wait to prove his bravery to his friend Heather. He says the chant. The lights go out. Then nothing happens… that night. Tall Jake only comes for you when you’re alone.

Luke’s disappearance sets a ball in motion. The main characters of the book are not Luke and Heather but their concerned friends Seth and Kady, which threw me off a little at first. Seth and Kady are well rounded characters, though, so I had no trouble getting into the story once I realized they would be the main characters. This book had me pretty giddy with horror. It’s mostly text, but some pages show the story as it is represented in the fictional comic book. The text also changes sizes and fonts for a visual effect and a few of the reveals had me shuddering. My favourite part is that it isn’t romantic! It’s the first in a two-part series, with the story continuing in Havoc.

Definitely for fans of horror. Older kids and up into teen (although I enjoyed it in my twenties).

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