by Malinda Lo

An amazing Cinderella story with dark fairy lore weaved in. The fairies in this book are not like the ones Disney shows you. They are dangerous and irresistible and if they catch you alone at night they will lure you into a fairy circle from which you can never escape. Aisling, the Cinderella character, meets a fairy man in the woods, but oddly he lets her go. Since Aisling’s life is so horrible anyway, she wishes he would just take her away to live with the fairies so she would never have to return to her home with her wicked stepmother. He meets with her regularly, but says that he will not take her away until she is older. Obsessed with the fairy and the thought of being taken away by him, Aisling thinks of nothing but him as she trudges through her increasingly unbearable life… until she meets and starts to fall for the King’s Huntress.

Unlike most other queer books for teens, this one isn’t about coming out and it’s not a big deal that Ash likes a guy and likes a girl. Definitely in my top five for queer books and also one of the best supernatural teen stories I’ve encountered. The fairy stuff is well researched and adheres to traditional tales of malevolent fairies. The Irish names are also a plus.

A fantastic read for anyone looking for a queer story or a supernatural story, even if they’re not looking for something that has both. The cracked fairy-tale crowd will also enjoy it.

Prequel: Huntress

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