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Nobel Genes

by Rune Michaels

This book is about a boy whose mother tells him his father was a Nobel Prize winner. She was artificially inseminated at the Nobel Prize bank because she wanted her child to be a genius. The boy and his mom wait for his genius to manifest, but it never does, because of course the Nobel bank doesn’t exist and the whole thing is clearly a story his mom made up. When the boy describes his mother’s obsession with his genius, you start to see that his mom is very disturbed and possibly has bi-polar disorder. The doctors aren’t sure, so they keep prescribing her pills, which the boy counts and monitors regularly to make sure his mother won’t swallow a whole bunch of them like she has in the past.

It was a pretty dull read at first; too much emotional stuff, not enough action for me. Then it takes a weird magic realism turn and gets pretty grotesque. If you thought Canadian adult fiction was dark, Icelandic teen fiction is basically the empty black space that existed in the universe before stars came into being. As with a lot of fiction that ends with an emotionally loaded twist, I would rather have read a book that started where this one ends, because it is an interesting conundrum for a teen to deal with.

Not really sure who would enjoy reading this. Someone whose trigger doesn’t involve incest, for sure. I guess anyone who likes really emotionally dark stuff.

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